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UAB ‘Pyrros Lithuania’ was awarded its e-money license in July 2018 via the Central Bank of Lithuania with licence number 38.

The core team at UAB ‘Pyrros Lithuania’ has considerable experience in the conception, design and implementation of tailored financial services and products.

We utilise our EMI through our digital banking platform, which has powerful and flexible public APIs that can be adapted to construct bespoke financial services and products for a full range of clients across a variety of industry sectors.

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UAB Pyrros Lithuania
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Multiple Iban Accounts

Prompt set up of multiple IBAN Accounts on a single easy to use online interface for both B2B B2C Payments 

White-label our payment gateway and connect to existing technology via our open APIs

API Connectivity

Secure Solutions

Manage and develop all digital banking services in one easy to use secure online interface

Multi-Level Managerial Access

Establish multiple users with differing access to corporate portal 

Full MI & Audit Information

Manage and develop all digital banking services in one easy to use secure online interface


Control and streamline your payments processes through the Pyrros System. 

Collect, hold and send funds in our user-friendly system built to make payments as quick and simple as possible, allowing you to focus on the tasks that really matter.

Pyrros is a current member of the SEPA scheme through the European payment's council allowing you to send payments to any EEA based participating country.

Send funds VIA the SWIFT network worldwide in a multitude of currencies allowing you to send and receive funds from your international clients.



Segregate each financial element of your business with multiple corporate accounts to effectively manage every aspect of your business with our Business accounts. 

Our clients utilise this core functionality to easily and efficiently run multiple IBAN accounts, both for external clients and internal operational purposes.  This allows them to be flexible in the organisation of their internal financial products and those of their clients and manage the administration and reconciliation on one powerful digital banking platform.​

All accounts are linked to a series of payment services allowing them to cost effectively allocate and accept funds in a range of methods.  

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Card Solutions 

The Pyrros team have extensive experience in the implementation of Pre-Paid card programs, as an affiliate member of the MasterCard network.  We can build a range of different products designed to offer our clients additional revenue streams and to streamline their administrative processes and reduce costs.  We have implemented a varied range of programs including staff payroll, reward cards, international expense, travel cards, hotel gift cards and insurance pay out.

FX services

We can offer extensive global reach with the ability to pay out in 138 currencies and accept payments in 38.  Access a full range of major, minor and exotic currencies integrated into our digital banking platform, giving the user a seamless client experience.  These services are available through our API and can be offered to existing and potential client bases giving businesses the opportunity to develop additional revenue streams. 

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White Label solutions

Utilise the Pyrros EMI Licence and compliance team through our white label offering.

Access the full Pyrros payment infrastructure to offer services to all 29 EEA countries. Our development team can construct a fully branded banking platform within 4-6 weeks, cutting out both the cost and the labour-intensive process of becoming licenced and building your own technology. The Pyrros team can deliver these services with minimal time and resource, allowing additional services to be offered to your clients and giving you the ability to launching a new concept which you previously may not have had the time or resource to complete. Work with us to launch your brand at competitive pricing, with a clear monthly breakdown of all fees earned on a monthly basis.

API Integration

We can connect to existing technology to enhance our clients operations and product offerings.

The Pyrros Group has a full range of powerful, flexible and adaptable APIs.  All our APIs are publicly available and our development team have extensive experience in building bespoke and innovative financial products for our clients across a range of industry verticals.  We work with our clients to quickly and efficiently develop their projects, bringing them to market in the most cost effective manner.   We can arrange a demo to showcase the capabilities and functionality of our technology and please see below a link to our API suit.   

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